Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Football Alliance 2017 - 18: Third Division Clubs and Colours

The expanded Third Division for the new season will feature three clubs from the Scottish Championship - Arbroath, Partick Thistle and Stenhousemuir - and Welsh champions SG Caernarfon in addition to Merthyr Tydfil and Wimbledon Tooting & Mitcham, relegated from the Second Division, eight members of the previous third tier and newcomers Locomotive York and Oxford Albania, replacing the bottom two Liverpool Hibernian and Tadcaster Albion who have returned to the regional leagues rather than take up places in the new Fourth Division. Of the existing Third Division clubs, Urmston Villa have reverted to an Italian nomenclature and will be known as Inter-Stella Rossa, the Anglo-Scots Newcastle Caledonia Thistle have ceased to be as such and reborn under the historical name of Newcastle United, the original incarnation of which were twice Football Alliance champions in the early years of this millenium, and Sunderland Automotive have dropped that suffix and will be known as their pre-merger and reconstitution 'Red Star' once more.  

maroon with white collar/white/maroon
sky blue with black collar/black/sky blue
SG Caernarfon
yellow with red star, green trim/green/red
green with red star/red/green
Everton Stanley
blue and salmon pink halves/white/blue, salmon pink tops
yellow/navy blue/navy blue
Inter-Stella Rossa
blue and black stripes with red star/black/black, blue tops
white with blue and black chest band/white/blue, black tops
Locomotive York
amber with claret ‘Y’/navy blue/claret, amber tops
navy blue with amber ‘Y’/claret/navy blue, claret tops     
Manchester Newton Heath
dark blue and dark red halves/black/dark blue, dark red tops
amber and green halves/white/green, amber tops
Merthyr Tydfil
green and black stripes/black/black, red tops
red with green chest band and trim/white/green
Nelson Proletariat
blue and black halves/white/black, blue tops
yellow with blue trim/black/blue
Newcastle United
black and white stripes/black/black, white tops
amber with blue chest band/white/amber
Oxford Albania
red shirts with black trim/black/black, red tops
white with red and black chest band/white/red
Partick Thistle
red and yellow hoops/black/red, yellow tops
green and black hoops/white/black, red tops
Red Star Bootle
dark red with navy LH stripe/navy/navy, dark red tops
white with dark red LH stripe/white/white
Red Star Sunderland
red and white stripes/black/red, white tops
green/white/black, red tops
claret and black hoops/black/black, claret tops
white with claret and black chest band/white/claret, black tops
White Star Waterloo
royal blue and navy halves/white/navy, royal blue tops
yellow and amber halves, royal blue trim/navy blue/amber
Wimbledon Tooting & Mitcham
blue and red stripes with black trim/black/black, blue and red tops
green with white trim/white/green, white tops

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