Monday, 3 July 2017

Football Alliance 2017 - 18: Championship Clubs and Colours

Following the recent confirmation that the ten member clubs of the Scottish Championship will be joining the Football Alliance from the beginning of the coming 2017 - 18 season, today we begin a series of posts detailing the constituent clubs of each of the four divisions of the re-organised format and the 'home' and second-choice colours they will sport, kicking-off with the Championship.

Blyth Spartans        
green & white stripes/black/green
green with red sash, white trim/white/green, red tops
red with green sash/black/red, green tops
Dynamo Burnley
claret with sky blue trim/white/sky blue
sky blue with claret trim/claret or sky blue/claret
Excelsior Marlow
blue and red quarters/white/blue, red tops
white with central blue and red stripe/dark blue/white
Gainsborough Trinity
navy blue and dark red hoops/white/navy blue and dark red hoops
amber with navy blue and dark red chest band/navy blue/amber
cherry red with green chest band/white/green
white with red and green chest band/black/black, red and green tops
Liverpool St Helens
red with blue sash/white/blue, red tops
yellow with red and blue sash/dark blue/yellow, blue and red tops
Manchester Central
sky blue with red and navy blue sash/white/navy blue, red tops
navy blue with red trim/navy blue/sky blue, red tops
sky blue and navy blue hoops/white/navy blue, sky blue tops
white with sky blue and dark blue chest band/dark blue/white
Northwich Victoria
green and white halves/white/green and white hoops
purple and black hoops/black/black, green tops
Red Star Mossley
green with LH red and black checked stripe/black/red
red with LH green and black checked stripe/white/green
Red Star Wrexham
red with LH green stripe/white/green, red tops
green with LH red stripe/black/red, green tops
South Liverpool
red and black stripes/black/black, red tops
white with LH red and black checked band/white/red
red and dark red halves/white/navy blue, red tops
green and navy blue halves/navy blue/green, navy blue tops
Stalybridge Celtic
amber with LH dark red stripe/navy blue/dark red
navy blue with LH dark red stripe/dark red/navy blue or amber
Torpedo Tranmere
white with royal blue sash/white/navy blue, royal blue tops
pink with navy blue sash/navy blue/pink

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