Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Football Alliance 2017 - 18: Second Division Clubs and Colours

The expanded Second Division for 2017-18 features the top four Scottish clubs to join the Football Alliance - Cowdenbeath, Hibernian, St Johnstone and Orkney's Stromness Celtic, who will of course be the league's most northerly outpost - in addition to Crewe Alexandra - who have reverted to their original name after incorporating 'Locomotive' into their title in recent seasons - and Marxist Polytechnic, relegated from the Championship, and the promoted Gateshead Trinity and Matlock Town

Audenshaw Ajax
green and white checks/white/green, white tops
white with broad vertical red central stripe/black/black, green tops
Bradford Comrades
claret and amber stripes/black/claret, amber tops
white with claret and amber chest band/white/black, claret tops
blue with white sleeves and collar/white/blue and red hoops
yellow with blue trim/blue/yellow
Crewe Alexandra
red with white sleeves/white/red
green with black sleeves/black/green
Crystal Palace
blue and red checks/white/blue and red hoops
white with LH blue and red checked stripe/blue/white
Gateshead Trinity
green and black halves, red trim/white/black, red tops
red with green and black central stripe/black/green, red tops
Hartlepool Petrochemical
light blue and white halves/white/navy blue, red tops
red/navy blue/red
Hendon Hotspur
purple with green sash/white/green
white with purple and green sash/black/purple
green with white sleeves and collar/white/green, white tops
amber with green trim/green/amber
Marxist Polytechnic
red and white halves/white/navy blue, red tops
yellow/dark blue/red
Matlock Town
blue with amber chest band/blue/blue, amber tops
amber with blue chest band/white/amber, blue tops
Newcastle Blue Star
blue and black halves/black/black, blue tops
white with blue and black chest band/white/blue
Prescot Cables
amber and black halves/black/amber and black hoops
white with amber and black chest band/white/amber, black tops
St Johnstone
blue and white halves/white/red
white with blue and red sash/blue/white
Sheffield Wednesday
blue and white stripes/black/blue, white tops
amber with blue trim/blue/red, blue tops
Stromness Celtic
green and white hoops/black/green                          
red with yellow-bordered blue cross off-centred to right/white/red

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